Magic Hunting © Rachel Wolfe
"If you knew how a magician did all his tricks, it wouldn’t be magical anymore. Let your life be magic."
R. Wolfe

We ought to consider every moment magic. Every nuance or event was created specifically for us-our own reality. What we literally have then are infinite realities existing and relating amongst one another. Our goal then is to bring these realities into a place of harmony so that each one balances the other. It’s an intricate dance. If we go about unaware of our role in this dance, we create a collision course with every entity around us. Bringing awareness to our role naturally brings beauty and symbiosis to all entities we relate with. One could imagine the world we can inhabit if we all owned our role with dignity and grace. Oh, the splendor! Can you see it? Hold that thought, that feeling, that image for as long as you possibly can!

-Rachel Wolfe