Electric /everything reminds me of you
Artist Portrait, Marcela Gottardo © Rachel Wolfe
Disco and wine / Rachel Wolfe
"At a certain time of day, one may confront their shadow."
R. Wolfe
The Light Gets In © Rachel Wolfe
the yellow is more yellow. the light is more light. when I’m reminded of you, everything is alright.
My Enlightenment Tree

Early Summer in 2009, I felt everything I built, all that was mine-crumbled. I cried, I struggled and hoped to find a new way, a path for my purpose-at least one that might lead me to discovering the meaning to my struggles. Sweating and puffing on a run I’d covered many times for years of my life, I let my tears swing from my eyes, flung my head back and instead of asking why, I shouted for all the world of nature around me to hear, “I give up. This is it. I’m done trying. But I need with every cell in my being to see a sign.” I didn’t know what kind of sign, and I felt all of my emotional body empty out. Just as I approached the shade from this single tree, the world appeared a holographic light. I sensed things never experienced with my eyes, ears, body or intuition. It was if I’d entered the most beautiful portal between dimensions, and as I felt myself returning to my body, bliss ran through every cell in and around me. My tears of frustration, anger, desperation shifting to a kaleidoscope of experience beyond bliss, happiness or even what I call love. Recounting this experience sends me to this place I now know exists here, now, within everything and all of us. This experience was what I witnessed daily as a small child, that I had forgotten. It is our right as entities in the Great Mystery. I have continued to grow and seek ways to share this experience with all, as this is what was shown to me as my purpose. Life will continue to present challenges, emotions, objects, shifts-but it is all fleeting. The kaleidoscope of light is shifting all the time, but it is always there, whenever we want to remember it.
"Where did the idea come from that the light is up and the dark is down? If you can see with your eyes or feel with your heart, it is clear that both light and dark are all around."
Traveling by Foot by Rachel WolfeOn my way to Japan. Look for posts about my experience abroad for the next several weeks! 
Light Study of Life by Rachel Wolfe