Sometimes the rainbow is in a puddle. by Rachel Wolfe

There was some concern as to how this rainbow was formed. I’m eco-consciously involved and respect that thought, so I thought I’d elaborate a bit more than usual. 
This image was created from a reflection of a rainbow in the sky, in the puddle at my feet, where I stood with my head tilted up toward the clouds parting ways for the array of colorful bands, radiant before my eyes. The ripples from the dripping tree just above me, fresh with dew from recent rainfall disposed of moisture just at the moment of shutter release, creating concentric circles in this dear little puddle of light. So you see, quite literally, did I find my attention averted from where we commonly find wonder, to see it humbly resting at my feet. With love,
I did not make this up. by Rachel Wolfe
© Rachel Wolfe