give love (Words from May 2010)

to what service do we owe justice

what news is there to be had 

when the media is faking it

no news is coming

no one is saving anyone

from the answers to the questions

stifled from asking

complaints of sensationalization 

while the censor, inside, pacifies 

those who believe ignorance is bliss

but knowing is learning

questioning is growing

the truth sets us free not

from limitation but from non-love

enter the world of giving


flippancy, modern defense a disguise, neutrality remains myth transcendence, desire directing energy                                              around stagnant vacillations of proclaimed knowers seeking followers            compounding 

knowing is boring, promoting to sit, walk and look without intimidation
a gaze perceived as penetration, a condition taken from         to get toward a fear of being seen into or through

dreams are fuel for life to burn.     language and images transform, from memory we experience. the transformation, the transference of direct stimulatory experience out of will,      communicate that constructs our days

the will to justify, prove means of existence.                          the motivation to be mirrored, constructs being
in varying iterations of existence.  mind takes from granted recesses
weaving perception, a ____

observe, play companion to desires to transform.          existence into communication

there is no being to be above.

here has no location.                    now refers to reality. 

statements incite conversation,                                       at surface, treading and floating  to see from above into the below

constructs rifts from, that which was sought to mend

stand aside                       impulse to construct.                seeing is already happened, continues to. irrational dancing,          marked to exist by projections, reflections of a world that encompassed,             for what mind sees is a performance from narrative memory.